Our Services

     Risk Assessment in the workplace

  • Stress risk assessment
  • Mental health screening tool
  • Work wellbeing risk assessment
  • Organisational Human Factor Benchmark (OHFB) workplace risk assessment
  • COVID specific risk assessment

     Mental Health Training & Policy Development

  • Tailored Mental Health Awareness Training for Line Managers and frontline staff
  • Strategies for promoting mental health in the work place
  • Stress and resilience training
  • Training of Mental Health Champions
  • Mental Wellbeing Policy Development
  • COVID specific training /Adjusting to the “New Normal”
  • Disaster Management and mental health


"Do not suffer in silence."

"There is no shame in seeking help."


     Specialist Assessments

  • Occupational Health Assessment and Reports
  • Assessment of secondary mental disorders
  • COVID Specialist Assessment
  • Medicolegal Reports

     Diagnostics & Intervention

  • Evidence-based psychological/pharmacological interventions
  • COVID Specific Intervention



    E-learning, Research and Support Packages

  • Mental Health e-learning packages
  • Online mental health support
  • Tips for mental wellness
  • Newsletters from mental health perspective
  • Research