Our vision is to promote positive workplace mental health.

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The average working adult spends about a third of their life at work. Work is pivotal to our sense of identity and well-being. Employee health and mental wellbeing in the workplace are essential to the productivity and success of any organisation in the modern working environment. Occupational Psychiatry explores the relationship between the day to day functioning of individuals in the workplace and their mental health.

We will walk with you on your recovery journey

Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness (Sigmund Freud). Good mental health enables us experience our humanness to its fullest potential.

Green Oaks Consulting is committed to adopting a holistic approach and being a positive force in enhancing mental wellness in the workplace using evidence based approaches and best technology available.

Antonio Horta-Osario, CEO Lloyds Bank: #MentalHealthAtWork

No health without mental health.”
                   - Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK

Occupational Psychiatry for Employers


Workplaces that promote good mental health and support people with mental health disorders are more likely to reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and benefit from associated economic gains (WHO). Whilst the awareness of the importance of good mental health is increasing, mental health symptoms are complex and difficult to manage without specialist guidance.

What We Do

  • Risk Assessments in the Workplace
  • Mental Health Training & Policy Development
  • Specialist Assessments
  • Diagnostics and Intervention
  • E-learning, Research and Support Packages

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"We will always listen."

Range of Mental Disorders

  • Disorders of Working-age Adults
  • Childhood and Adolescent Disorders
  • Female-specific Disorders
  • Disorders specific to Older Adults

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